About us

Passion for nature allows to explore enchanting places and landscapes, immune to the hand of man, giving incredible scents and colors. The Venetian lagoon in particular, has always been breathtaking with its golden hues and sunsets, the waves gently caressing the shore and the horizon that seems to tend to the sky. From this unconditional love for the Venetian lagoon landscape, and from the desire to share these magnificent views, Darisi Camping was born. An area of ​​over 20,000 square meters that extends to the gates of the Serenissima. Particularly shaded by the presence of elms, poplars and pine trees, Darisi Camping is the ideal place to spend  quiet romantic or family vacation. Far from the chaos of the city and in close contact with the surrounding area, it offers the possibility to fully enjoy the connection with the natural marine environment, thanks to a vast sandy beach. The camping is equipped with Maxicaravan, tents sites or caravans. Also available are the most modern accommodation facilities and the most efficient sanitation facilities. Venice is very close and easily reachable by boat.


Between April and September, take a moment to recharge the batteries and come to rediscover the pleasure of immersing yourself in nature, with sea bathing, beach walks and relaxing moments in the shade of the pine forest. It will be an experience you will never be able to do without.Darisi Camping is a structure surrounded by greenery but equipped with all the modern amenities and the most efficient services to meet the needs of campers.Electricity, hot water and cold water are guaranteed for both Maxi-caravans and sites. There are 3 groups of state-of-the-art toilet facilities, with toilet for the disabled, baby room, large showers, washing machines and dryers.  There is a first aid point for emergencies. There are also a supermarket with all the essential necessities within the property, and a refreshment facility with ice cream, drinks and coffee. Just 200 meters from the campsite, there is a restaurant with the main area specialties, pizzeria and snack bar.


In the Camping there are organized entertainment and games for adults and children, thanks to a varied animation program that can cater for guests of all ages. The hotel also offers ping pong tables, slides and castles for children, as well as windsurfing. In short, a number of different options for having fun with your family or with your friends. Come and spend a holiday full of fun and all the comforts, in contact with nature, in an environment specially designed for you.